Golf in Drenthe

Drenthe is a great place for golfers and has a wide selection of terrific golf courses. Don’t have your GVB permit yet but would still like a game of golf? No problem in Drenthe. If you like golf but prefer a less daunting challenge, then you should try out our pitch and putt courses or mini golf courses.

The golf courses in Drenthe are all situated in the middle of the beautiful countryside, surrounded by woods and lakes. The perfect place for a round of golf or a golfing holiday. Drenthe even has golf complexes where you can stay overnight and wake up to the inviting sight of the perfect fairways, a ‘must’ for every golfer!

Pitch and Putt, farmersgolf, mini golf and more… An afternoon of golf with the family or friends? In Drenthe there are plenty of options, including pitch and putt and mini golf courses. But there are even more variations on the game of golf in Drenthe. For example, farmersgolf courses, where you hit the ball using a clog on a stick. Footballers are find footgolf great fun. A form of golf unique to Drenthe is turfgolf a variation on farmersgolf. Whichever one you prefer… if the weather’s right it is always great fun.

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