Going Dutch - Golf World 2014

Chris Bertram wrote a fantastic article about the best courses around Amsterdam. He travelled to the Netherlands in search of the best links on the continent. He returned having discovered a heathland that could be the equal of fabled Sunningdale Old. The article is published in the August issue of Golf World. To read the article please click here

Golf on Course - Norway, May 2014

This May there is a Great article published in the largest golf magazine ”Golf or Course” in Norway! Louis Røren visit Holland for a couple of day’s and played different Golf Courses. He was enthusiastic about every course and he see’s Holland as a top Golf Destination. To read the article please click here

Golf Passport Goes Dutch - July 23rd 2013

Golf Passport has made an excellent video about Golf in Holland. It shows the International, Amsterdam, Zaanse Golf Club, Zaanse Schans, Burggolf Gendersteijn, the Kennemer and the Lage Vuursche. In short: Holland is waiting to be discovered as a golf destination.

Golf World - January 13th 2013

January 13th, 2013 Golf Monthly, a golf magazine from the UK, did a great editorial piece in their February 2013 issue about playing golf in the Netherlands. It talks about the best courses, mostly courses designed by Colt in the early 20th century, such as the Noordwijkse, Kennemer and the Royal Haagsche, but also some newer courses, such as the Dutch and the International. Download the scanned PDF file here, or click the front cover on the left.